Blurring the lines

Posted by: on Sunday, October 24, 2010

Last week’s update must have touched a nerve. It provoked more emails and comments than any previous post. Of course the solution to “Time devouring challenges” is to maintain balance, which was the general theme of each response.

And while that reaction was no surprise, I believe the increased number of responses reveals two interesting points. First, we all carry the weight of the challenge – so much so that it prompted many people to write. And second, it effectively ends the debate about the nature of this blog. The bottom line, more readers are engaged by personal insight than business information.

Of course my goal is deliver both – to continue blurring the lines between business and personal – because after all, they are one and the same.

By far the event highlight of last week was the Suncoast Technology Forum Techbyte Luncheon when City of Sarasota CIO Chance Craig addressed The Sarasota Broadband Question. We had a record attendance that included a number of elected officials, including Mayor Kelly Kirschner, who was quoted along with yours truly in a Sarasota Herald Tribune article covering the event the following day.

Based on the high turnout and the general level of interest in this topic, it is clear to me that high speed internet access is a technology trend that STF will focus on 2011. Stay tuned for follow-up STF events that will continue this important economic development issue.

Looking ahead to this week I anticipate the event highlight to come from Monday’s Business Ethics Alliance luncheon at the Hyatt. If you haven’t yet checked out this relatively new networking forum, then I urge you to take note. This month’s topic is “Does Journalistic Truth Now Mean Something Different Than It Previously Meant?” and includes a who’s who panelist of local media leaders.

Until next week,

Matthew Anderson, President
Milestone Marketing Associates, Inc.

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Even though I'm not "UNBIASED" I think it's fair to say that I have raised a son who has his priorities straight! As important as it is to focus on business, especially when building a new one, your family should come first. Matthew learned that firsthand in his own family. And especially because your children won't be children need to take the time NOW to do things with them before it's too late. There is a delicate balance between work, play, family, etc. Matt is doing a great job juggling all of these!
Posted by: Candace Anderson on October 25, 2010 at 9:56:00 pm

Thanks for forwarding this newsletter. I do enjoy your writing style, and it really sets you apart as someone not afraid to address the unspoken family concerns that most of us striving to be a success in business have to suppress on a daily basis. Great to hear that there are men of character leading business in our community and still maintaining the family front!
Posted by: Lorii Weile on October 25, 2010 at 8:58:00 am

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