We've been looking forward our family vacation...

Posted by: on Monday, June 21, 2010

It’s that time of year. Now that the kids are out of school, folks are taking time off for a summer vacation. We’ve been looking forward our family vacation for a while. This Friday we’re getting on an airplane and flying to Chicago. From there we’re spending a week in Wisconsin. I can’t wait!

In anticipation of taking a week off, we’ve been busy wrapping up as many client projects as possible. In fact, all of our current client projects are almost finished. Also anticipating the summer slow-down, we refocused our efforts on new sales. As a result we have follow-up appointments with a number of existing leads. Hopefully the timing will work out so we can begin working with some new customers as early as next month.

We’re also pushing hard to keep our internal projects moving forward. One project that we’re most excited about is phase two of our company website. It will debut our new promotional video, extend our travel theme throughout the site, and add more content. We plan to launch it on the Fourth of July.

In addition to working with new and existing client projects, and focusing on new and existing internal projects, we’re also busy with new and existing associations. The new marketing plan for Manasota SCORE is nearly complete, and we’re getting ready to introduce a monthly networking lunch for Suncoast Technology Forum.

This week we’re adding one more association to the list and we’re considering two others. With everything currently in the works, I find myself wondering how we can possibly get it all done – especially if I’m out of town for a week! Then I remind myself about balance…

Until next week,
Matthew Anderson, President
Milestone Marketing Associates, Inc.

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